The Top Switch Games According to Reddit Users: Must-Plays of the Year

As the Nintendo Switch celebrates its seventh year, the vibrant community of gamers on Reddit has been vocal about their favorite titles on this versatile console. From sprawling RPGs to indie gems, Reddit users have curated lists of must-play games that showcase the best the Switch has to offer. We’ve delved into the discussions to bring you the top Switch games according to Reddit, ensuring that whether you’re looking for an epic adventure, a challenging puzzle, or a unique indie experience, you’ll find something to love in this selection.

Key Takeaways

  • Reddit users have played a pivotal role in highlighting the best games on the Nintendo Switch, offering a community-driven perspective.
  • The Switch’s portability has revolutionized gaming on the go, with titles that seamlessly transition from home consoles to handheld play.
  • Exclusive Nintendo franchises like Mario and Zelda continue to dominate the platform, while indie developers bring fresh and innovative experiences.
  • Across various genres, from action-packed RPGs to intricate puzzle games, the Switch caters to a diverse range of gaming preferences.
  • The curated lists from Reddit reflect the console’s evolution and the standout games that have defined the Switch’s legacy over seven years.

Celebrating Seven Years of Nintendo Switch: The Community’s Top Picks

Celebrating Seven Years of Nintendo Switch: The Community's Top Picks

The Evolution of Gaming on the Go

The Nintendo Switch has revolutionized the way we play games, seamlessly blending home console quality with portable convenience. The Switch’s hybrid design has not only changed our gaming habits but also expanded the possibilities for game developers.

  • The console’s portability allows for spontaneous multiplayer sessions anywhere, anytime.
  • Its versatile Joy-Con controllers enable a variety of play styles, from handheld to tabletop mode.
  • The ever-growing library of games caters to all tastes, from blockbuster titles to indie gems.

The Switch’s impact on gaming is undeniable, offering a unique experience that adapts to the player’s lifestyle rather than the other way around.

Reddit’s All-Time Favorite Switch Games

As the Nintendo Switch celebrates its seventh year, Reddit users have been vocal about their favorite titles on the platform. These games are not just popular; they’ve become a part of the Switch’s identity, often recommended as the ‘must-plays’ for any new console owner.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild continues to top the charts, with its open-world adventure setting a new standard for the genre. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe races close behind, providing endless fun for friends and family. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate brings together characters from across the gaming universe for epic battles, while Animal Crossing: New Horizons offers a peaceful escape into a world of your own making.

The Switch’s versatility in gaming experiences is reflected in the diversity of its most beloved games. From high-octane races to tranquil island life, the console offers something for everyone.

Here’s a snapshot of the community’s top picks:

  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons
  • Splatoon 2
  • Fire Emblem: Three Houses
  • Pokémon Sword and Shield

These titles have not only defined gaming on the go but have also created a rich tapestry of worlds and characters that resonate with players of all ages.

The Switch Essentials: Games That Defined the Console

As the Nintendo Switch approaches its seventh anniversary, it’s clear that certain titles have become synonymous with the console’s success. These games have not only defined the Switch’s identity but have also shaped our very understanding of what it means to game on the go.

  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – A reinvention of a beloved franchise that set a new standard for open-world adventure games.
  • Super Mario Odyssey – Mario’s globe-trotting journey that redefined platforming excellence.
  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons – A comforting escape that captured the hearts of players worldwide during challenging times.
  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – The ultimate crossover fighting game that brought together characters from across the gaming universe.

These essential titles not only represent the pinnacle of gaming on the Switch but also serve as a testament to Nintendo’s innovative spirit and dedication to creating memorable experiences.

As we near the end of the Switch’s legendary run, what game do you think will be remembered as the quintessential Switch experience? From Luigi’s Mansion to Kirby and the Forgotten Land, and from Smash to Zelda, Mario Odyssey, and Animal Crossing, the list goes on seemingly endlessly. Everyone’s list may differ, but these games are the pillars that have supported the Switch throughout its remarkable journey.

Genre Giants: The Best Switch Games by Category

Genre Giants: The Best Switch Games by Category

Unforgettable Adventures: Top RPGs and Action Games

The Nintendo Switch has become a haven for RPG and action game enthusiasts, offering a diverse library that caters to both genres with aplomb. Discover worlds of wonder and engage in thrilling combat as you delve into the titles that have captivated Reddit’s gaming communities.

Reddit users often share their experiences with games that provide a sense of fabled destiny, where players can slay monsters, fulfill ancient prophecies, or save the universe. Among these, Dragon’s Dogma 2 stands out with its enchanting and perilous journey that demands patience and rewards players with a deeply immersive experience.

The essence of a great RPG lies not just in its mechanics, but in the stories it weaves and the worlds it brings to life.

Elden Ring, another masterpiece, is praised for its expansive world and intricate gameplay. It’s a game that unfolds in real time, offering a constantly surprising adventure. The community’s enthusiasm for these games is evident in discussions that highlight their unique features and memorable moments.

Platforming Perfection: The Best Jump-and-Run Experiences

The Nintendo Switch has become a haven for platforming enthusiasts, offering a diverse array of titles that challenge both reflexes and puzzle-solving skills. The genre’s strong pedigree on Nintendo systems is evident, with a lineage tracing back to the iconic Super Mario Bros. Yet, the Switch platform has much more to offer beyond the shadow of the famous plumber.

Reddit users have highlighted a variety of games that exemplify platforming perfection. Titles like Shovel Knight mine nostalgia with their retro aesthetics while delivering modern gameplay mechanics. Meanwhile, innovative games like Pepper Grinder boast fluid movement and colorful worlds that push the genre’s boundaries.

While Mario may be the face of platforming, the Switch hosts an impressive roster of games that don’t rely on the mustachioed hero. Here’s a list of some top platforming games according to the Reddit community:

  • Shovel Knight: A love letter to the 8- and 16-bit era with challenging gameplay.
  • Pepper Grinder: A pixel pirate adventure with some of the coolest movement mechanics seen this year.
  • Astro’s Playroom: While not a Switch title, it’s mentioned for its charm and fluidity, setting a high bar for platformers.

The joy of platforming on the Switch isn’t just about the leaps and bounds; it’s about the inventive worlds and the tactile satisfaction of mastering each level.

Strategy and Puzzle Games That Will Bend Your Mind

The Nintendo Switch has become a haven for strategy and puzzle enthusiasts, offering a plethora of titles that challenge the intellect and captivate the imagination. These games not only test your strategic thinking but also provide a unique blend of storytelling and problem-solving.

  • Into the Breach: A turn-based strategy game where players defend against an alien threat using mechs, with each move requiring forethought akin to a game of chess.
  • Tetris 99: A competitive online version of the classic Tetris that pits 99 players against each other in a battle of fast-paced puzzle-solving.
  • The Witness: An open-world puzzle game that invites players to explore and solve complex puzzles scattered across a serene and mysterious island.

The beauty of these games lies in their ability to offer a mental workout that is both challenging and rewarding. The satisfaction of solving a particularly tough puzzle or outmaneuvering an opponent in a strategy game is an experience that keeps players coming back for more.

Exclusive Gems: The Must-Play Nintendo Switch Exclusives

Exclusive Gems: The Must-Play Nintendo Switch Exclusives

Franchise Flagships: Mario, Zelda, and More

The Nintendo Switch has been a bastion for some of the most iconic gaming franchises, with Mario and Zelda leading the charge. The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and various Mario titles have not only continued their respective legacies but have also set new benchmarks for quality and innovation on the console.

  • The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – A new chapter in the beloved series.
  • Super Mario Odyssey – Mario’s grand adventure that redefines platforming.
  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – The definitive kart-racing experience with friends.

The Switch’s unique ability to blend traditional console play with portable gaming has allowed these franchises to flourish in new and exciting ways.

As we look to the future, discussions on platforms like Reddit hint at the community’s eagerness for more. A recent Reddit thread pondered, "Which Zelda game would you want for Nintendo Switch 2 launch?", showcasing the anticipation for the next generation of Nintendo gaming. With rumors of new titles and potential crossovers, such as Link and Zelda being playable in a future Mario Kart installment, the excitement is palpable.

Indie Darlings: Unique Experiences You Can’t Find Anywhere Else

The indie scene on the Nintendo Switch is brimming with creativity and innovation, offering experiences that stand apart from mainstream titles. These games often reflect the unique visions of their creators, providing players with fresh and engaging gameplay that can’t be found on other platforms.

  • Blasphemous – A horror adventure game that’s perfect for grown-ups seeking a mature experience.
  • Open Roads – An evocative narrative adventure featuring Hollywood talent, offering a short but memorable journey.
  • Pepper Grinder – A pixel pirate platformer with some of the coolest movement mechanics seen this year.
  • Little Kitty, Big City – An exploration-focused adventure where you play as a cat, inspired by the likes of ‘Dark Souls’.

The indie market on Switch is not just about playing games; it’s about discovering stories and worlds that resonate on a personal level. These titles are more than just games; they are gateways to new adventures and untold tales.

The passion of indie developers shines through in their work, often leading to groundbreaking titles that redefine genres. From the dungeon-crawling masterpiece Hades to the artistic vision of Ikumi Nakamura’s studio, these games are a testament to what can be achieved when creativity is left unbridled.

The Games That Make the Switch a Unique Platform

The Nintendo Switch has carved out a niche in the gaming world with its hybrid design, allowing for both portable and home console gaming. This versatility has attracted a diverse range of exclusive titles that define the platform’s unique appeal.

  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – A reinvention of the classic series, offering an open-world experience that’s both vast and deeply interactive.
  • Super Mario Odyssey – Mario’s globe-trotting adventure that redefines platforming with its innovative capture mechanic.
  • Splatoon 2 – A fresh take on the shooter genre with a focus on territory control and a vibrant aesthetic.
  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons – A relaxing life simulation that became a social phenomenon during the global lockdown.

The Switch’s library is not just a collection of games; it’s a showcase of innovation and creativity that continues to expand the boundaries of what’s possible in gaming.

The community’s enthusiasm for these titles is evident in the discussions and recommendations that flood Reddit’s gaming forums. Each game not only stands out for its gameplay but also for the unique way it leverages the Switch’s capabilities, from motion controls to local multiplayer on the go.

The Indie Revolution: Celebrating Independent Developers on Switch

The Indie Revolution: Celebrating Independent Developers on Switch

Breaking Boundaries: How Indies Have Shaped the Switch Experience

The Nintendo Switch has become a haven for independent developers, offering a platform where creativity and innovation thrive. Indie games have become integral to the Switch’s identity, providing unique experiences that stand out in the console’s vast library. These titles often push the boundaries of traditional gaming, offering fresh perspectives and gameplay mechanics.

  • Stardew Valley: A charming farming simulator that has captivated players with its depth and simplicity.
  • Hollow Knight: An atmospheric action-adventure game that has set a new standard for indie metroidvanias.
  • Celeste: A platformer that combines challenging gameplay with a touching story about mental health.

The indie scene on Switch is not just about the games themselves, but the stories they tell and the communities they foster. It’s a testament to the power of small teams with big dreams.

As the Switch continues to mature, the influence of indie developers is unmistakable. They have carved out a niche that resonates with gamers of all types, from those seeking nostalgia to those looking for the next innovative gaming experience.

The Top Indie Picks from Reddit’s Gaming Communities

Reddit’s gaming communities have always been a treasure trove for discovering indie games that might otherwise fly under the radar. These communities have highlighted a number of indie titles that have become must-plays on the Nintendo Switch.

  • Hollow Knight: An atmospheric adventure through a beautifully desolate world.
  • Stardew Valley: A charming farming simulator that has captured the hearts of many.
  • Celeste: A challenging platformer with a touching story.
  • Untitled Goose Game: A delightful romp as a mischievous goose causing havoc.

The indie scene on the Switch is vibrant and diverse, offering experiences that range from relaxing to heart-pounding. These games not only provide hours of entertainment but also showcase the creativity and innovation of independent developers.

Each of these games stands out for its unique gameplay, art style, and storytelling, proving that indie developers are capable of creating experiences that rival those of the biggest studios. The Switch’s portability and the indie developers’ ingenuity have combined to create a library of games that are perfect for gaming on the go or at home.

Hidden Treasures: Indie Games You Shouldn’t Miss

The indie scene on the Nintendo Switch is brimming with creativity and innovation, often overshadowed by blockbuster titles. Discovering these hidden gems can be a transformative gaming experience, offering fresh perspectives and gameplay mechanics that invigorate even the most seasoned gamers.

Among the lesser-known titles, Chained Echoes stands out as a remarkable JRPG that has captured the hearts of those who’ve ventured into its world. Despite its quality, it remains underappreciated within the broader gaming community. Here’s a quick list of indie titles that deserve more attention:

  • Chained Echoes: A JRPG with a compelling story and intricate mechanics.
  • A Void Hope: A dark, immersive experience with Metroidvania influences.
  • Little Kitty, Big City: An adorable adventure game where you play as a cat.

These games not only challenge conventional design but also offer a sense of intimacy and personal connection often absent in larger titles. The Switch’s indie library is a treasure trove waiting to be explored, with each game offering a unique journey.


As we wrap up our journey through the top Switch games of the year according to Reddit users, it’s clear that the Nintendo Switch continues to be a powerhouse of gaming entertainment. From epic adventures and captivating RPGs to innovative indies and timeless classics, the diversity of games available is a testament to the console’s broad appeal. The passionate discussions and recommendations from the Reddit community highlight not just the best of what’s currently available, but also the games that have left a lasting impact on players. Whether you’re looking for a game to lose yourself in for hours or a quick pick-up-and-play experience, the Switch has something for everyone. As the console moves into another year, we eagerly anticipate the new experiences that will capture our imaginations and earn their place in future ‘best of’ lists. Until then, happy gaming!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the top Nintendo Switch games according to Reddit users?

Reddit users often celebrate games like ‘The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’, ‘Super Mario Odyssey’, and ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ among the top picks for the Nintendo Switch.

How has the Nintendo Switch changed gaming on the go?

The Switch revolutionized portable gaming by offering a hybrid experience that allows for high-quality gaming both at home and on the move, with a vast library of games that cater to all types of gamers.

What are some must-play exclusive games for the Nintendo Switch?

Must-play exclusives include ‘Splatoon 2’, ‘Fire Emblem: Three Houses’, and ‘Xenoblade Chronicles 2’, which offer unique experiences that can’t be found on other platforms.

What role have indie games played in the success of the Nintendo Switch?

Indie games have been pivotal to the Switch’s success, providing a diverse range of creative and innovative titles that have enriched the platform’s game library and attracted a wide audience.

Can you recommend some top RPGs or action games on the Switch?

Top RPGs and action games on the Switch include ‘Octopath Traveler’, ‘Dark Souls: Remastered’, and ‘Monster Hunter Rise’, offering immersive worlds and engaging gameplay.

What are some of the best platformers and puzzle games available on the Switch?

For platformers, games like ‘Celeste’ and ‘Super Mario Maker 2’ are highly recommended, while puzzle game enthusiasts should check out ‘Tetris 99’ and ‘The Witness’.