5 Fun Online Games for Kids to Enjoy Learning and Play

In the digital age, online games have become a popular tool for combining education with entertainment. Children can now enjoy learning through play with a variety of online games designed to enhance their skills in a fun and engaging way. This article lists 5 fun online games that not only keep kids entertained but also support their educational growth. From improving language abilities to strengthening problem-solving skills, these games offer a well-rounded approach to learning.

Key Takeaways

  • ABCya! Games provide a diverse range of educational games suitable for kids, emphasizing learning through play.
  • Starfall offers a captivating platform for early learners to develop reading and language skills through interactive activities.
  • PBS KIDS Games are designed to be safe and engaging, allowing children to explore new concepts and reinforce knowledge.
  • Learn to Read – Duolingo ABC helps kids improve their reading skills with intuitive and immersive gameplay.
  • Ling: Learn Languages Easy introduces children to new languages in a fun and easy-to-understand manner, promoting multilingual proficiency.

1. ABCya! Games

1. ABCya! Games

ABCya! Games is a vibrant world of learning that combines education with fun for children. With a rating of 4.15, it’s a popular choice among kids, parents, and teachers alike. The platform offers a diverse range of over 250 games and activities, designed to cater to the K-5 educational segment.

ABCya! Games provides a seamless online experience, allowing children to engage in a variety of games without the need for downloads. This ease of access means that kids can quickly switch between games that focus on different educational content, ensuring that learning remains fresh and exciting.

Here are some tips for getting the most out of ABCya! Games:

  • Look for games that match your child’s learning pace for a more tailored experience.
  • Encourage your child to explore different game categories to broaden their skills.
  • Utilize the platform’s range of subjects, from counting and sight words to more advanced kindergarten skills.

2. Starfall

2. Starfall

Starfall, developed by the Starfall Education Foundation, is a comprehensive online platform aimed at enhancing literacy and phonics skills for children from preschool through fifth grade. With a focus on reading, math, music, and more, Starfall offers a variety of interactive minigames that make learning engaging and fun.

  • Tip: Use the browse-by-grade feature to match games with your child’s educational level.

The platform is highly rated, with a score of 4.18, indicating its popularity and effectiveness in educational circles. Parents and educators can explore the ‘Learn to Read’ section to build a strong phonics foundation for early learners.

Starfall on the App Store provides an opportunity to read, learn, and play with fun activities, games, and songs. It covers a wide range of subjects, making it a versatile tool for children’s education.

3. PBS KIDS Games

3. PBS KIDS Games

PBS KIDS Games emerges as a top contender in free educational gaming, offering a vast collection of over 250 games. These games are not only fun but also serve as a valuable educational tool, allowing children to learn alongside beloved characters like Daniel Tiger and the Wild Kratts. With a focus on subjects ranging from math and science to art and social skills, PBS KIDS Games ensures that screen time is an interactive learning adventure.

The app is a reflection of PBS KIDS’ dedication to educational media. It’s designed to make a positive impact on children’s lives through engaging, curriculum-based games that are accessible on various digital platforms. The commitment to education is evident in the app’s popularity, boasting over 10 million downloads and a high user rating of 4.3 stars.

By transforming screen time into a dynamic educational experience, PBS KIDS Games empowers children to explore and grow through play.

Parents and educators can rest assured that the content is teacher-approved and tailored to foster educational growth in a safe and engaging environment. The app’s success is a testament to PBS KIDS’ understanding of the value of play in early childhood education.

4. Learn to Read
– Duolingo ABC

4. Learn to Read 
- Duolingo ABC

The Duolingo ABC app is a revolutionary tool that transforms the way children learn to read. Designed for young learners from preschool to first grade, the app offers a rich library of over 700 interactive stories and educational activities. It’s not just about reading; it’s about building a solid foundation in phonics, sight words, and vocabulary.

With Duolingo ABC, education is always within reach, even without an internet connection. The app’s offline capabilities mean that your child’s reading journey can continue anytime, anywhere.

Parents will appreciate the safe, ad-free environment that Duolingo ABC provides, fostering a secure space for kids to explore and learn. The app’s engaging content ensures that children are not only learning but also having fun in the process. Here are a few tips to get the most out of Duolingo ABC:

  • Start with the "Learn to Read" section to establish a strong base in phonics.
  • Use the word highlighting feature to aid in reading fluency.
  • Encourage regular practice to reinforce learning and build confidence.

5. Ling: Learn Languages Easy

5. Ling: Learn Languages Easy

Ling: Learn Languages Easy is a vibrant platform that transforms language learning into an adventure for kids. With a rating of 4.46, it’s clear that this app has successfully captured the hearts of young learners and parents alike. The app’s focus on Asian and Eastern European languages makes it a treasure trove for those interested in these linguistic areas.

  • Developer: Ling Learn Languages
  • Tags: Education, Language, Casual, Stylized

Ling ensures that every minute spent on the app is a step towards language mastery. From 3 minutes to review vocabulary from current and past lessons to 5 minutes to listen and learn, the app’s structured approach reinforces learning through gamification.

Cultural insights and audio from native speakers enrich the learning experience, making it not just about the language, but also about understanding the culture behind it. Dive into the culture notes for a deeper understanding and a more holistic educational journey.


In the digital age, online games have become a fantastic resource for combining education with entertainment. As we’ve explored, platforms like now.gg offer a diverse range of games that are not only fun but also enrich children’s learning experiences. From ABCya! Games to Sesame Street Alphabet Kitchen, these games are designed to adapt to a child’s learning pace, ensuring a personalized and engaging experience. It’s important to select games with educational value that are also intuitive and safe for kids to use. By incorporating these online games into playtime, parents and educators can provide a delightful and constructive way for children to develop their skills and knowledge. Remember, the key is to find a balance between learning and play, making the educational journey as enjoyable as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some fun online games for kids that combine learning and play?

Some fun online games that combine learning and play include ABCya! Games, Starfall, PBS KIDS Games, Learn to Read – Duolingo ABC, and Ling: Learn Languages Easy. These games offer educational content through engaging puzzles, adventures, and quizzes.

Can kids play these educational games online without downloading them?

Yes, kids can play these educational games online without the need for downloads on platforms like now.gg, which allows for easy switching between games and provides access to a variety of educational content.

Are there any tips for choosing the best online games for kids?

When choosing online games for kids, look for games that are safe, engaging, and suitable for their age. It’s also beneficial to select games that adapt to the child’s learning pace for a more personalized experience.

Do these online games for kids offer offline play options?

Some online games for kids, such as PBS KIDS Games, offer an offline play feature, allowing the learning to continue even when an internet connection is not available.

How are the best online games for kids selected?

The best online games for kids are selected based on criteria such as visual and sound quality, intuitive gameplay tailored to a child’s age and skill level, educational value, and easy-to-use game controls.

What educational value do these games provide?

These online games provide educational value by teaching skills and knowledge through play. They cover a range of topics from basic math and reading skills to problem-solving and critical thinking.